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Jelle23-01-2022 г.
Telefon van oplichters
Marien20-01-2022 г.
Peligroso, estafan a menores de edad
Patrick Monamodi19-01-2022 г.
This number is sending me a malicious accusations and threatening me.
Alice08-01-2022 г.
12045000240 this number is the number of a company calling FREEBANK that uses people to invest. at the moment his people who have invested in this business cannot get their money. they can no longer remove their agent saying the company is based in Canada have blocked funds. help me by checking if the FREEBANK company really exists in Canada
Daniel Widmer05-01-2022 г.
This number wrote me in WhatsApp. She said her name is Lisa. She stopped writing me after I asked her where she got my number from. Suspicious....
Silvestre Manjate05-01-2022 г.
The number olways calls me but never answer when i pink the phone. Who is the owner? Best Regards S Manjate
Dii03-01-2022 г.
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Ms. Ruby Singh16-12-2021 г.
Роман10-12-2021 г.
+221764795239, так же интересует!кому принадлежит
Igoris07-12-2021 г.
not fair customer. not paying for services. be careful
Svetlana06-12-2021 г.
Nesusimoka už paslaugas. Bando sukčiauti ir nesusimokėti. Nuostolingas atvejis. Galite parduoti jam prekes, paslaugas ir skirti laiką jeigu norite sugaišti laiko ir savo asmeninius pinigus. Už paslaugas nesusimoka įstaigose ir pas privačius asmenis :)
Gala30-11-2021 г.
Scammer. Telling me she's sick and her days are numbered, so she wants to donate me some money.
F S26-11-2021 г.
It's a scammer? I don't know this number, it's call me today one time.
PT24-11-2021 г.
SCAMMER!!! Wants money from you and will use photos from the internet!!!
Mohamed23-11-2021 г.
Fraud dangerous
劉宇22-11-2021 г.
EXTORSIÓN18-11-2021 г.
Se hace pasar por otra persona pide fotos y no es el y también pide dinero
Extorsión18-11-2021 г.
Se hace pasar pro otra persona
Moustaf..15-11-2021 г.
Je veux savoir c'est le numéro de qui parce que il est entrain de me harceler donc aider moi s'il vous plaît a connaître son nom je vois serait tres reconnaissant
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