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carlos flors18-12-2018 г.
50258396023..Este numero me ha estado mandando mensajes de voz sobre cierta promocion..deseo saber si esta autorizado para ello..gracias
Ахуел18-12-2018 г.
Moses17-12-2018 г.
This number was used by a friend of mine who traveled to Oman. I have not been able to get in contact with her over a longtime and she has not been online on social media over a very long time which is very unusual for a young girl. Pls help me find her.
scam14-12-2018 г.
love scam
dayan10-12-2018 г.
Hola Caleb, es Dayan, estoy intentando escribirte por WSP pero aca hay tremendo lio con la Internet, no me olvido de ti, solo que ahora no puedo conectarme. Si recibes timbrame, o llamame necesito hablarte. Un beso
JEROME06-12-2018 г.
I think im being scammed from this number
rabih nohra 04-12-2018 г.
hi, this number has sent for me an annoying message,can I have information if is it real or fake
sasa27-11-2018 г.
luati va rog masuri suna si pronunta cuvinte muldare depe acest numar .
Holger Mattick20-11-2018 г.
Meine frage ist wem gehört dies telefonnummer an geblich einer Frau namens Vanessa
Antonio13-11-2018 г.
Truffa su
Georgia Niacola08-11-2018 г.
Gabriel07-11-2018 г.
Necesito saber a quien pertenece este numero celular del cual me escriben por whatsapp y no descifro quien es la persona
Terekbe Mersha04-11-2018 г.
I have got missid call who are you please let me know
Hugo03-11-2018 г.
Sera q le podes decir a Esau que me llame a este numero: 58408290, por que tengo que entregar la tarea de matematicas y en mi iphone 4s que dejamos empeñado estan las fotos de las paginas que tengo que entregar
Ritta01-11-2018 г.
The same number is blackmailing about pictures of me that he made nude by photoshoping them, his threatening me about showing them to my colleagues at work and i might loose my job
Женя28-10-2018 г.
Вавренюк Виктор Владимирович г. Брест Лучше не связываться с этим человеком, потеряете время и деньги, как и я.
Tsai che27-10-2018 г.
This guy Dempsey Rangel used this number, chatted on Whatsapp I want to know who he really is? where he lives? what does he do and if he is legit, please reply me on my email. Thanks.
jeanne muzinga25-10-2018 г.
The woman who is carring this phone number married my brother they have been in Uganda or Tanzania for over 30 years. My brother has past waya and left three girls and the lady do not want to tell us in what city they are currently living. Can this phone number help us search for their current location
Eduardo Rodriguez24-10-2018 г.
A traves de este número se estan realizando estafas solicitando a personas que envíen dinero a cambio de premios ficticios, por favor tomar cartas en el asunto.
Jessica23-10-2018 г.
SPAM caller
Mario22-10-2018 г.
Pervavore potrei sapere se questo numero e di truffatori +22549423038 é urgente grazie
dede heriyani 22-10-2018 г.
no ini menghubugi saya jam10:30 mnt yg lalu, saya ingin tahu no ini dari mana
Colocho21-10-2018 г.
Receiving suspecious calls on sunday from the State Water Supply company
Balbosa17-10-2018 г.
Este número hace llamada frecuente sin dejar mensaje alquilen sabe de quién se trata.
durga rao17-10-2018 г.
I got a call from this number today -Oct 17, 2018. I would like to know who this is. Thank you.
Sam10-10-2018 г.
received call from 061403036124. Noone spoke, they hung up after 10secs. I dialed back "Number is disconnected". Suspicious user
Fonahia Zai09-10-2018 г.
This number sent fake/scam message: Selamat Kepada Pelanggan MKIOS Anda Mdpt CEK Rp.100jt dgn PIN Pemenang anda (IJH76K79) U/I Klik -----(translate) Congratulations to your MKIOS customer, you can CHECK Rp.100jt with your winning PIN (IJH76K79) U / I Click
nipperchipper28-09-2018 г.
telemarket scam trying to collect referal fee to send you to a health insurance company
Edmund 24-09-2018 г.
Please I want to know if this number is a scam. Thanks
Katimar Tartu13-09-2018 г.
Hello, Could you check, to whom belongs the tel number in Latvia +371 27 878 789 ?
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